About Inspiration316 Radio

John Beehner's TestimonyListen to Inspiration316 on
Salem Radio at 91.7 FM The Truth, 4-5 pm daily from Jacksonville.

Hosted by John Beehner, Founder of Wise Counsel (a peer advisory process for Entrepreneurs of Faith). John has spent 37 years working with hundreds of CEOs and Entrepreneurs one on one. He shares the Good News of how Jesus Christ is changing lives every day. Hear testimonies and stories that the mainstream media won’t share... of both...believers and doubters. Listen and you will be Inspired.

Some of the personalities featured on Inspiration316 radio include:

Rick Warren
Tom Monaghan
Tim Tebow
Chris Kyle
Stormie Omartian
Steph Curry
Mark Burnett
Pete Maravich
Nicky Cruz
Mother Teresa
Millard Fuller
Michael W. Smith
Howard Dayton
Jeff Foxworthy
Kathy Ireland
Julius Erving
Josh Turner
John Stossel
Dr. Charles Stanley
Darlene Zschech
Jeff Bezos
Janine Turner
Dr. Billy Graham
 Oprah Winfrey


Show topics include:

Business  *  Suicide  * China  *  Strongholds  *  Movies

Healing  *  Islam  *  Fear and Doubt  *  Gideon Bible  *  Pastors

Music  *  Judaism  *  Deliverance  *  Homelessness  *  Teachers

Addictions  *  Marriage  *  Sports  *  Warfare