Brig Hart: From a Suicide Failure to Inspiring Icon in Business and Faith

Brig Hart dreamed of having his father's love and approval, but he never got it. After years of searching for ways to fill the void, Brig finally found the love he longed for in a relationship with God...
Original Source from: The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

Brig Hart is an Icon in both Business and Ministry. He has thousands of followers who helped him and themselves grow 3 different multi-million dollar businesses while leading thousands in how to serve Christ. His last business went from zero to a billion in sales in 3 years. His new business, Healthy Home Company, has a diversity of ways for partners to grow their own business and help moms and dads with many organic and all natural products. He co-authored the book The Untold Secret that Creates True Wealth with John Beehner, Founder of Wise Counsel. On his own, Brig has written 3 other books.

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