Dr. Caroline Leaf – Renew your Mind

Learn how to control your thoughts for a healthier mind and body.

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Dr. Caroline Leaf is a Neuroscientist from South Africa who has studied Brain/Mind function and growth for over 25 years. Your brain or mind is the main portion of your soul (the soul is the mind, will and emotions). Many of your employees and family members suffer from what Caroline calls “Toxic Thinking.” She says God created our brain for thoughts of love and faith, not fear or negative thinking, which leads to stress, anxiety, depression and physical sickness and disease. The brain malfunctions when it lives in a constant state of negative thinking. 80-90% of sicknesses begin in the brain or soul. The enemy wants to keep us in fear and doubt and take us into suicide.

Dr. Leaf through brain scans can see how brain waves respond to negative and positive thoughts. Positive brain waves grow and look like trees baring fruit. She wants to help people take on the positive nature and actually grow brain cells through a 21-day plan. Negative thoughts don’t grow but act like decaying roots that never flower or look healthy. This powerful insight and wisdom fully collaborates and confirms with what the Bible teaches us.

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