John Beehner
Founder and CEO of Wise Counsel


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John is a highly multidimensional entrepreneur, coach, consultant, and author. He has spent 35 years helping and working with Entrepreneurs. Beginning in 1981, he started TEC (The Executive Committee) in Florida-- now know as Vistage Florida--and personally worked one-on-one with hundreds of CEO's of fast-growing, mid-sized companies through a round-table process of problem solving with a major focus on quality, service and profitability.

After 13 years, he sold his business, which had a staff of twenty and 300 monthly clients throughout the state. He personally worked with 2 CEO's who went from $2 million in sales to $2 billion, and both won the Horatio Alger Award.

After the sale, he felt the “calling” to write True Wealth…By the Book, after spending over two years personally researching the book. John uncovered over 140 inspiring stories and illustrations of the 3 cornerstones of Truth for Business Leaders following or learning from Biblical Principals. The book was in the top 10% of sales on for three years.

In 2000, he founded Wise Counsel, a small group process which helps Entrepreneurs and Executives focus on the balance between their Business and Spiritual calling. He is continually working to refine, which offers leaders a membership service and gives them access to experts through coaching, conference calls, video, audio, interviews and forums.


For four years, John and a team of executives created and developed How and Why Good Business creates True Wealth (originally named Genesis: The Business Workshop). This 13-week video series educates and inspires leaders with the knowledge of building a business on a solid foundation from a Biblical perspective. It is filled with stories and examples of men like J.C. Penney, John D. Rockefeller, Sam Walton, James Kraft, Truett Cathy, Mary Kay and 50 others.


John also started the Marketplace Witness Radio Show, where he interviews entrepreneurs and leaders to share their life-changing experiences of following the Lord in business and ministry. He plans to have over 70 interviews on this website over the next 2 years, plus a weekly radio show .


In 2009, he published an intense book inspired by the Lord called The Freedom Revolution Rocking our WorldThe book profoundly shares how and why more countries are coming to freedom from the USA model guided by the Lord working in the heart of believers and non-believers though wars, demonstrations, government overthrows, and eventually offer 5 forms of freedom and the opportunity to love and serve the Lord.


John has just finished writing a new book with Brig Hart, The Untold Secret That Creates True Wealth, ready for national launch. He shares the Secret to the Kingdom of God and how people are given visions to start and build businesses...or just take risk in their lives.

Ultimately, Wise Counsel is...

       a Life Changing Experience and Covenant together

The goal : Accelerate your personal knowledge 200% faster than a normal Entrepreneur for less than 5% of your time through a team process with a common Mission to serve the Lord.


Continuous learning

  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment is priceless
  • Gain Management and Organization skills
  • Become a better learner, communicate with your staff better
  • Using what you learn, implement change in serving the Lord
  • Work ON the business, not just IN the business
  •  Macro vs. Micro   Strategic vs. Tactical tasks


Openness about your needs

  • Transparency in your decisions
  • Humility in receiving
  • Desire to improve
  • Receptive listener to advice from peers


Giving to one another

  • Compassion, Empathy
  • Contributing your wisdom, experiences
  • Advise with best judgment
  • Give and receive Contacts to gain from



  • “Mining John’s knowledge, contacts and experiences”
  • Meet with fellow members
  • Plan better as you think strategically
  • Refreshing to talk about the ups and downs to someone else


Member Goals for Wise Counsel

  1. Running a more effective business/ministry.
  2. Bringing out the best in your people.
  3. Receive a good ROI for your time and money 15-20%/year.
  4. Walk deeper with the Lord by obedience and enjoy his Grace.
  5. Building friendships with peers you can’t find anywhere else.

Strength of Wise Counsel is diversity of talents, businesses, ages and experiences. It's an example of the body of Christ working together.


Personal Prayer and Intercession

Relying on God and His will to be done

His Grace and Favor


Sacrifice, unselfishness...the Jesus Model

Invest my time and interest


Being a covenant friend

John 15:12-17 (NIV)

12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command.15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. 17 This is my command: Love each other.

Problem stems from my Mistakes and faults

  • Not sounding the alarm enough, too easy.
  • Not shared the facts.
  • Misperceptions not confronted or explained
  • Not pushed the group enough

       “When some of us are sick” then the whole group is sick

         When one part of the body hurts, all parts feel it.

  • I refuse to demean anyone
  • I am not a Controller or manipulator


Improvements to be made

  • Commit to the member Covenant and “walk the talk”
  • Re-engage Social events twice a year
  • Engage with Intercessory Prayer leader Tom McLeod
  • Consider setting meeting dates together
  • Take serious the goals sheet and consider implement changes
  • Let John know when you have to miss, a month ahead
  • Celebrate newcomers and milestones
  • Members assume more Leadership.
  • Don’t settle for Average, strive for excellence
  • Your ideas



The BIG Plan

Wise Counsel members are willing to help close “Friends” in a time of despair, sickness or worse.

  • Help your family in Crisis or pick them up when stranded