Dan Cathy – The Engagement Factor

🎤 In the following audio, Dan Cathy discusses the need for purpose in our actions. He answers the question “How Do You Motivate Your People?” We interviewed the Chick-fil-A CEO in 2007 as part of Wise Counsel’s “Ask God about My Business” internet radio campaign. In that campaign, we surveyed over 300 existing and future […]

The Truett Cathy Story of Chick-fil-A

🎦 Comments from John Beehner, founder of Wise Counsel: I had the privilege of having Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A come to speak to our CEO Wise Counsel members in 1988. Totally open and honest about his life and business. I also had the privilege to interview Dan Cathy twice and take Wise Counsel to meet him […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Business by the Spirit

God is involved in business, just as he is in ministry, in individual lives: the poor, the rich, it doesn’t matter. He is involved in everyone’s life. On this episode, we have some short clips of amazing businessmen and will be speaking about conducting business by the spirit. David Brain, the founder of Hobby Lobby, […]

Tough Decisions in Business – Inspiration316 Radio

Tough Decisions in Business – Inspiration316 Radio We hear from some of the top executives of some of the top companies in the world talk about some tough decisions in business. They also speak about some tough decisions they had to make in their personal life while running a business. There is no doubt that […]

Boardroom Leadership – Inspiration316 Radio

Boardroom Leadership – Inspiration316 Radio This show features Christian leaders and CEOs in publicly traded and large companies who influence thousands, or even millions, of people. God intends for every one of us to be filled with the Holy Spirit every minute of every day. However, so many of us compartmentalize and separate secular work from […]

The Rest of the Story

  Did you miss the show? Search here to see what you missed and hear the rest of the story.   For the rest of the story… July 12 with co-host Bennett Brown   John Melia on founding The Wounded Warrior Project   The Nike Story – Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight   Paul Davis on […]