John F. Beehner

Founder and CEO of Wise Counsel

John Beehner's Testimony

John Beehner is an entrepreneur, author, consultant, and radio personality. He has spent nearly 40 years strategizing with Entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses. Beginning in 1982, he started TEC (The Executive Committee, now called Vistage) in Florida and personally worked one-on-one with hundreds of CEOs of fast-growing, small to mid-sized companies through a roundtable process of problem-solving with a major focus on quality, service, and profitability. After 13 years, with nearly 300 clients and a staff of 20, he sold the business, sensing that God was taking him in a different direction.

John quickly acknowledged the “calling” to write True Wealth…By the Book, where he spent over a year personally researching insightful content for the book. John uncovered over 140 inspiring stories and illustrations of the “3 Cornerstones of Truth” for business leaders who followed or failed to learn from Biblical Principles. The book was in the Top 10% of sales on Amazon.com for its first three years.

In 1999, John founded Wise Counsel, a small group process that helps Entrepreneurs and Ministry Executives of Faith focus on the balance between their Business and Spiritual calling. John says, “I have learned 3 times more about True Success and God’s calling since starting Wise Counsel and its inspires me to keep learning and finding God’s deeper truth and to share that with other Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.”

For four years, John and a team of Executives worked to create a video-based training series called Genesis: The Business Workshop …How and Why Good Business Creates True Wealth. This series takes a historical perspective to educate and inspires leaders with the knowledge of building a business on a solid foundation on a Biblical basis. It is filled with stories and examples of men and women inspired by the Lord to build successful companies. Professionals like J.C. Penney, John D. Rockefeller, Sam Walton, James Kraft and 50 others. It is now available on www.rightnowtraining.org to churches and through the Wise Counsel library.

John has authored three books making an impact on Christians in the Marketplace.

The Untold Secret that Creates True Wealth co-authored with Brig Hart reveals the Secret of the Kingdom Christ shared to help us find the patterns, obstacles and cycles to inspire entrepreneurs and leaders. It will test and challenge their Character, Humility, Obedience and Persistence and lead them to their True Wealth in business success.

True Wealth by the Book (mentioned above): How 100 Inspirational Americans Encountered Character, Moral, and Spiritual Truths has been labeled "inspirational" by readers because of the positive and touching stories of famous and notable leaders who have lived by Biblical Truths to become "richly" blessed. More than 100 stories and illustrations highlight the experiences of pioneers and icons such as J. C. Penney, Sam Walton, Mary Kay, Conrad Hilton, Ronald Reagan, and Jackie Robinson, just to name a few.

The Freedom Revolution...Rocking Our World is the inspiring story of how Freedom and the Church are transforming nations. Readers will find a fresh, and inspiring insights. For some, the book also offers a controversial perspective on the dramatic events changing the Middle East, Asia, Far East and USA. It all stems from America’s assignment to lead, demonstrate, defend and evangelize for freedom.

John also has hosted 2 radio shows. For seven years, he has interviewed with Entrepreneurs and Ministry leaders on a local station WayRadio 550AM. In 2015, Stu Epperson, Founder of Salem Radio asked him to create a new show called Inspiration316 on Jacksonville’s 91.7FM, The Truth on weekdays from 4-5 pm, where he shares the Good News of Testimonies and insights of over a 1000 leaders, teachers and every day citizens. The show is all about how Jesus Christ is changing lives every day. The show features testimonies and stories that the mainstream media won’t share of both believers and doubters. In 2019, John will create some new shows he calls Good News 316 on You Tube with video clips and stories to carry the same theme of his radio shows.

John has lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 42 years along with his wife Judy. He is highly respected in the community among Christian business leaders and is excited to expand his outreach to positively influence the lives of Christian business leaders throughout the United States.