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American Economic Success is Dependent on the Bible

American Economic Success

📄 In the 1920's, entrepreneur and author Robert Babson asked the President of Argentina why South America, with all its natural resources, was so far behind North America in progress and marketing?  He concluded, “South America was settled by the Spanish who came to find gold and North America was settled by Pilgrims in search of God.”

It was our founding fathers who honored the Lord by using the Word as their guidepost for developing our Constitution and way of life.  Underdeveloped countries struggle to grow because they lack wisdom and application in these Biblical commands of the Lord:

  •     Freedom
  •     Morality
  •     Character
  •     Spirituality

This is why and how America can have 60% of the world’s wealth and only 5% of its population.  Our founding fathers not only believed in God and His calling on this nation, but they wanted to avoid the mistakes of other Nations, Kings, and Dictators. Because of their faith, prayers and belief that God had a special destiny for America, they chose His Word to become the foundation and standard for our society, and this led to American economic success.

They believed that God granted mankind free will so man should have Freedom only be limited by laws and standards based largely on the Ten Commandments.  Freedom leads to small business innovations and growth.

Freedom means that everyone has opportunity inspired by the Character of God to know our purpose, talents and understand His ways.  Character was taught in the public schools from the Bible in the early days.  Coupled with morality, hard work and the self-discipline to treat your fellow man with an attitude of loving service (i.e., customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, and community), creates an economic exchange through a business or ministry.

Spirituality stemmed from the faith of our founders--to know the Lord personally and serve him. Yet our founders made sure every America was granted the right to choose how they worshipped and served, or where they would work or how they could create their own enterprise.

China is becoming a great economic power by learning our ways, giving freedoms to create businesses, being guided by our experts and American companies while being dependant on our free trade and our buying power.  60% of China’s economy is based on the purchases by Americans.  (An unusual perspective…A Communist country of 2 billion is led by the principles and wealth of a country of 300 million people.)  There are similarities to our assistance to the Japanese and Germans following after World War II.  This happens by God’s design.

Most Latin American and African nations are still struggling with bribery, lying, graft, economic freedom, law enforcement, questionable morality, and character. These nations offer less opportunity for economic stability than what we face in the USA. Their wealthy hoard their riches and power, so you have no significant middle class and the poor stay poor without opportunity for upward mobility.

In America, Christians are taught to give, and laws give tax credits to reward giving.  Yet, in the underdeveloped nations, people are not given freedom with standards.  Without basic spirituality, there is not a love for all classes of people.  Here’s the inscription on the Statue of Liberty,

 ”Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Thank God for the obedience and leading of our founding fathers. They have provided us with a much better life and opportunity to be all the Lord wants us to be.

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