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Are You a Christian in Business?

Christian in Business

📄 Too many Christian men who lead or own a business compartmentalize their world into segments.  They have their family life, sports life, men’s life with other friends, and their business life.  For women, they have it all completely intertwined and it's just too hard to separate.  Often men can have a big argument with their wife and just stop and turn on a game on TV and forget about it in 30 seconds, while the wife is still stewing.

Years ago, in the midst of a difficult situation with a Christian businessman, I felt betrayed.  In prayer, the Holy Spirit was telling me to ask that man, “Are you a Christian businessman, or a businessman who happens to be a Christian?”  Ever since then, I realized that every one of us is striving to be a Christian in business.  It’s a journey and we need help.  Even the best have more to learn and aren’t qualified yet.

Here’s the problem and how we need help to prove we are a Christian in business.  Pastors need to start teaching the Biblical application of the word for business life in leading others, including customers.  Simple things like ”Pray for your employees” or “Pray for your boss” will help.

We still carry our old nature in our business life.  If we learned from another employer how not to pay our bills on time, we probably still do the same as a Christian in business.  If we are used to exaggerating about delivery times, or consistently promise completion dates that we can’t meet and never apologize or make things right, we are not really allowing the Lord to work in our hearts.

The job of the Church is to bring people to the saving knowledge and transformation in Jesus Christ and disciple them in His ways.  Yet there is little mention in church teaching on how to walk your talk in the marketplace.  I honestly believe that some people, even pastors, expect Christ to sit and wait in the pews for next Sunday.

Nearly 60% of our adult waking hours are spent on the job. We sometimes tell people we are Christian, but can we prove it?  Are we really different?  Are we more loving?  More dependable?  More professional?  Good contributors and dependable on the job?

I work with many Christian entrepreneurs, and most of them aren’t much different than their secular counterparts.  They are when they get together and share and really help each other,  but what happens when they are in a mix working environment?

Bottom Line: we need to seek the Lord and get to work making a difference through Christ and for Him.

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