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Inspiration316 Radio – Being a Corporate Servant

Corporate Servant

Inspiration316 Radio - Being a Corporate Servant

God has principles to follow in business and in ministry. John Beehner has been researching and working with CEOS for 37 years and is still doing so through Wise Counsel, where he meets with CEOs 3 days a month in small groups and they learn from one another and grow and try to follow God’s principles and purposes and plans in life beyond just making money. Obviously, you have to make money; you have to be IN the world, but you do not have to be OF the world.

Great speakers from UNF’s Small Business Week including Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, founders of Barefoot Wine, who created a great environment by being a corporate servant, being leaders and following biblical principles about how to involve employees and do the right things with their people; 5 Lessons on How to Be an Entrepreneur.

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