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Men with a Legacy Obedient to the Grand Design

Men with a Legacy

📄 Founding Fathers

The founding fathers came to realize that initiating and winning the war for independence was through the call, conviction, and grace of God. Through great struggle and sacrifice, they knew they must be obedient to the Lord's plan to create a new nation founded on freedom and His principles. All 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence put their lives, families, farms, and properties in jeopardy. What they signed was an act of treason. Nine lost their lives during the war, and nearly two-thirds lost everything they had.

Abraham Lincoln

Nearly every act of righteous obedience is from the call and conviction of God upon our heart. Abraham Lincoln knew he was called and convicted to be obedient through public service. He had 12 consecutive defeats over 29 years before finally being elected President of the United States. Many of us would have given up and lost faith.

Where would our nation be without Lincoln's selfless act of obedience and sacrifice? It was through the same conviction of God and an act of obedience that led Martin Luther King, Jr. to lead a non-violent revolution for equality. Amazingly, years later, it was the same spirit that led one of his adversaries, former Governor George Wallace, to seek public forgiveness for the wrongful stance he took in attempting to prevent the civil rights movement.

Conrad Hilton

In 1952, Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton Hotel Chain, felt so convicted to make our nation aware of the threat of communism that he risked his personal credibility and the success of his hotel business. He believed the threat of communism and apathy was so great that he placed full-page ads in the Saturday Evening Post and many other major magazines and newspapers. The ads pictured Uncle Sam on his knees asking God for forgiveness and to save us from ourselves.

After our victories in the world wars and economic stability, he felt we were soft and arrogant toward the great threat of communism. Was his act of obedience rewarded through the growth of his enterprise or in other ways? The Bible says that the “prayers of a righteous man will avail much.”  This is part of the heritage he left his hotel chain and those who still work there today.

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