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Changing the World Starting at Home and School – Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly

📄 Recently, Bill O’Reilly, the TV talk show host, and commentator, was talking about the need for vouchers, charter schools and even teacher incentives. So often the subject gets back to crime and teaching our kids how to be productive citizens and avoiding the life of crime.

Deeper than that is the need for parents to teach the values our four fathers placed into our constitution from the Bible. Statistics prove that 80% of the men in prison either did not have a father or a fatherly image in the home. Schools have to deal with the home product, their values and self-image of the child that comes to school. More important is the church’s abdication and lack of teaching parents how to raise kids the Biblical way.

And while good business teaches and demonstrates character and moral truth, if it's going to build a successful staff and win customers back every day, business is dependent on the character and maturity of employees from the teaching of the parents and the schools. With all the trash on TV and the movies, sexual music videos, booze and peers pressure, isn’t it time for churches to hold classes and discussion on raising kids to change the world for His purpose and plan?

Tom Hill's Character First program has had proven success in business and now has programs for schools. Read more at:

God always takes a negative and turns into a positive, so let’s get on board and do our part.

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