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Can Failure Lead to Success? Ask Brig Hart

Brig Hart

📄 I am sure there are at least a million Americans who have heard of the living legend known as Brig Hart.  Brig had a rough early life, toying with drugs while trying to find his way.  But at a young age, he discovered Amway, the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business co-founded by Rich DeVos in Michigan in the 1950’s and still alive and well today with thousands of products and distributors.  Brig rose to the highest level of success (triple Diamond) over nearly 20 years.  His enthusiastic personality and witness drew people to him, and he earned the money to prove it to any aspiring individual or couple.  “If I can do it, so can you.  God can use anybody,” Brig would always say.

By the year 2000, Brig too had left Amway, not sure of his next calling, until he contacted some men in Utah who were bottling and selling a healthy and natural drink know as MonaVie.  Within the next 8 years, Brig and his team had recruited nearly a million people to build a big business that has changed the hearts and physical health of many millions of Americans.

So what’s the point to my story?  Brig has been a professional in the MLM business. He points out that the MLM industry is “soft entry into your own business.”  The success rate is not very high.  Within 5 years, only 10-15% of those who started are still at it and making some money.  Yet the lure is wealth, success and traveling with friends and like-minded people. Sometimes the leaders make more money on selling training tapes and testimonies to their downline than making money on the product commissions.  Brig continues, “If you were going to make it you had to learn how to change.  For many, the inspiration and hype were drawn out from an inner desire to prove themselves.   But nearly anyone who put effort into recruiting others has been changed.  Failure does lead to success.”

It was their Rocky Soil experience. Even when they did not succeed, they learned more about themselves and their capabilities and were inspired with the idea of starting their own business. For most, Rocky Soil is just a failure that changes them from the inside out and they recognize how to get ahead through chasing a Dream ...God-given vision...for the real vision or dream God places in their heart and soul. Or they learn to appreciate their job more and how to overcome some of their weaknesses. The MLM business gives anyone a chance.  You don’t need $50,000 to start, paid staff,  an office or big overhead.

Rocky Soil can be the “Stepping Stones” for something greater God has for you.

Brig Hart and John Beehner author "The Untold Secret that creates True Wealth" in 2014 which references the different soils from the Parable of the Sower.


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