How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth: Introduction

🎦 How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth Introduction: Building on a solid foundation   part 1 part 2, The Character Test Click Here To Download PDF Workbook How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth took three years to develop and was completed in 2006. It was formerly called Genesis: The Business Workshop. It contains 13 different […]

Building Blocks for Success

The Building Blocks for Success – How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth

🎦 As part of the Genesis Workshop, and what we have now branded as “How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth”, John Beehner shares how to build a successful business on a solid foundation, using the Bible as a roadmap. The whole illustration appears in the Introductory Session 1 of the workshop series. Building Blocks for […]

profit from values

How To Profit From Values by John Beehner

🎦 This video on how to profit from values was recorded on VHS in 1998. It was after John Beehner had published his first book, called True Wealth by the Book. With the development of this site, his recording was converted to MP4 for viewing here.  This was one of the first talks John shared […]

Silver And Gold

Silver And Gold

🎦 Silver and Gold: How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth. We must work out our own pride and our self-centeredness, our blind spots and our facades while keeping all communication areas open and channels open for us to know Him and receive His will.   part 6, Separating the Wheat from the Chaff      […]

trinity model

The Trinity Model

🎦 The trinity model “triplicate of choice” marketing strategy is about (1) price, (2) quality, and (3) service. God has a plan for us to learn and to be successful in building on a “Solid Foundation.” It is in the day to day relationship that we learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. We have 3 […]

Tom Hill

Tom Hill – Building Character In Business

🎦 Tom Hill is CEO of Kimray, a company that his father-in-law started in Oklahoma City. They are manufacturers with over 100 employees who build valves for the oil and gas industry. Here is a clip called “Character First.” This clip is further explained in the second Tom Hill video.   During a recessionary time in […]

Separating Wheat

Separating Wheat from the Chaff

🎦 In Bible times the wheat and chaff grew together. The harvester would cut and throw them both into a shallow pit. In this lesson, we will look at separating wheat from the chaff through the cycles of business success and failure. Part 6 of How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth is Separating Wheat from the […]

Grace Full Business

Grace Full Business

🎦 In this world of sin, we need God’s forgiveness, and His willingness to overlook some of our mistakes so we can make progress and be fruitful. This love and forgiveness is from the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ – receiving of blessings that we really don’t deserve. Part 8 of How & Why Good Business […]

Relationship Capital

Relationship Capital

🎦 Employees need an environment where great ideas can flourish, programs, ways and processes for them to constructively submit and solicit their advice and their ideas. Part 9 of How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth is about Relationship Capital. part 8, Grace Full Business part 10, Corporate Responsibility   Click Here To Download PDF Workbook How & Why […]

Moral Compass

Finding Your Moral Compass – How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth

🎦 As we look at this lesson, we will apply the generally accepted customs of conduct and right living (the distinction between right and wrong) from a biblical perspective as it relates and applies to business. In addition to expecting that the Word of God will point us in the correct direction, we may expect that the Word […]

Linda Rios Brook

Life Changing Turnaround – Linda Rios Brook

📄 Linda Rios Brook spent many years in network television working with ABC, CBS, and NBC as the president and general manager of affiliates in Texas, Florida, and Minnesota. In 1991, she found herself in the middle of a frenzy in both the secular and Christian media about a Bible study she led in the […]


The Character Test

🎦 The Cornerstone of Character is one of the foundational building blocks of a person’s life. Not only is character essential to an individual’s personal life, it is essential in the person’s business life. The decisions we make, the people we associate with, and what we expose ourselves to, in the form of information and […]

Fight Like Heaven

Fight Like Heaven

🎦 If we are called to make history for God’s glory, we are targeted by the enemy as somebody he doesn’t want to be successful. If Satan can’t keep you from being saved, his next best tactic is to keep you busy or afraid. If we are one degree off, we are diverted from God’s […]

inside job

The Inside Job

🎦 We can only create an environment, a culture or a circumstance where employees actually want to change, where it fits their emotional needs and their desire to accomplish a goal for the organization at the same time. Part 11 of How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth is “The Inside Job.” part 10, Corporate Responsibility part […]

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

🎦 The No. 1 Rule of knowing your business calling is that His word is to be food for our soul and spirit to give us strength in our work. Prayer is the work He requires for His servants and shepherds to know His voice, intimately. Part 10 of How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth […]

Genesis Workshop

How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth – Genesis Workshop

📄 How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth, formerly known as Genesis, is our business workshop about …“Why and how Good Companies make more money and serve more customers from Biblical Standards.” The workshop series includes 13 sessions of six and a half hours of video production with downloadable discussion guides and worksheets.  It features […]

Spiritual DNA

Spiritual DNA

🎦 We all have this “Spiritual DNA” inside of us, signaling us to “come home” through humility, openness, and understanding of His purpose. part 3, Finding Your Moral Compass part 5, Dual Citizenship   Click Here To Download PDF Workbook How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth took three years to develop and was completed in 2006. It […]

Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship

🎦 Christians are bi-lingual and we have to be twice as smart to be successful in today’s world. Success for us, then, is defined in Biblical terms, not just with business terms. Part 5 of How & Why Good Business Creates True Wealth is Dual Citizenship.   part 4, Spiritual DNA part 6, Separating the Wheat from the Chaff   […]