Blind Business Intelligence

Blind Business Intelligence

Blind Business Intelligence – What experts say about motivation and how to think right. A woman named Mel Robins who wrote the 5-second rule. Kris Vallotton talks about how God gave him a vision in the middle of the night that saved his business. Robert Cooper, author of EQ – executive intelligence and is really […]

Business by the Spirit

Inspiration316 Radio – Business by the Spirit

God is involved in business, just as he is in ministry, in individual lives: the poor, the rich, it doesn’t matter. He is involved in everyone’s life. On this episode, we have some short clips of amazing businessmen and will be speaking about conducting business by the spirit. David Brain, the founder of Hobby Lobby, […]

Dick Erickson, Former CEO of SunTire On Running a Business

Dick Erickson joined John Beehner in the Inspiration316 studio for our first-ever video-taped radio show. Dick shares his experiences as CEO of SunTire to teach valuable lessons on how to run a business, the importance of learning from others, how to manage employees, and much more. The full interview is below and then you will find […]