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Doing business with a “Flaky Christian”

Flaky Christian

📄 In dealing with hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives over the years, I can honestly say “ I have been burned” by a number of people who call themselves Christians. I can easily talk on both side of this issue on "flaky Christians".

When someone first comes to surrender and make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, they are often are excited and enthused by sensing the power of the Holy Spirit beginning to work in their heart.  They are beginning kindergarten in their faith.  It gives them a desire to connect more with other believers. Thus they want to associate or sell products or their service to friends or like-minded people. 

To walk deeper with the Lord is dependent on their level of trust in the Lord, their studying the word to know His ways, support from the people around them, including Church, and continual repentance, rejecting evil and prayer for healing and wisdom. These activities have so much to do with their level of growth.

After 30 years, I think I am near my senior year in high school in my faith walk. While my commitment to Lord was a dramatic spiritual battle, my deep study of the word did not really accelerate until 10 years later. I lacked the inspiration of a good pastor and encouragement to be in the word. Fortunately, my character before coming to Christ was so strong that I was never called a Flaky Christian.

For others who come to Christ but never used to pay their bills on time, or always ridiculed their employees or even cussed in the office, they may take a while to grow in their maturity and conviction to walk their talk as a Christian. As true Christians, our mission is to pray for Flaky or immature friends, confront them lovingly to overcome and mature in their relationship with the Lord. Don't put them down behind their back.  Encourage them to get into a deeper Bible study.

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