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Don Soderquist, Former COO of Wal-Mart: Ethical Leadership

Don Soderquist

🎦 Don Soderquist was COO of Wal-Mart under Sam Walton and brought many years of stability during its breakthrough years of profound growth. Wal-Mart is today the largest company in the world. Don was vice chairman and chief operating officer before ultimately becoming senior vice chairman. Continuing the legacy of Sam Walton as "keeper of the culture" was one of his primary responsibilities, and Soderquist firmly believes that business ethics are not a luxury, but an essential element in creating a high-performance organization. He also knows that the responsibility for creating an ethical organization belongs to its senior leaders.

Ethics are values derived from the Bible and with a focus on the Golden Rule. Sam Walton worked for J.C. Penney's during his early years before serving in the military. J.C. Penney's first three stores were called Golden Rule stores, inspired by his father's teaching and forgiveness as a part-time pastor in rural Missouri.

Don's foundation today provides many outstanding materials, training and coaching to entrepreneurs. Find more information here. His book, The Wal-Mart Way: The inside story of Success is available here.

This video is provided by KIROS in Seattle, http://www.kiros.org/



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