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Don’t Be Double-Minded!


📄 Bud Toole is one of my mentors. As a Senior VP of a major insurance company in the 1980’s, he risked his life and career by smuggling Bibles into Russia behind the Iron Curtain. Few people knew that the wall would come down in a few years. But by God’s plan, his team was in perfect position to teach Russian laymen how to pastor and start their own churches.

Now, hundreds of church start-ups later, Bud reminded me recently that men “compartmentalize their thinking.” Yet the way God wired women is different; everything is intertwined. Sadly, one man explained it this way: "That’s why a pastor can preach on Sunday and have an affair on Monday."

The problem is that very few pastors or ministry leaders teach the application of the word. When I hired as many as 350 speakers a year to teach entrepreneurs about leadership and management principles, they were not as effective if they did not use examples or case studies.

We live in two different worlds. Christ said, “Be in the world but not of the world.” In other words, as Christians, we are to be OF Christ and His ways, and NOT the world’s ways. I call that our “Dual Citizenship” until we get to heaven. Others might say, do not be double-minded but single-minded with Christ.  To abide in Him so He abides in us. Oh pastors, teachers, and Christian business leaders, please help us get it right.

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