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The Freedom through Forgiveness by Dr. Rick Marks

Dr. Rick Marks

🎦 A profound video, life-changing stories and insights from the Lord given to Dr. Rick Marks from his family pains and troubles.  

All Wise Counsel members have watched this video.  Many have shared with employees and family members. One CEO showed this to an old time friend whose husband passed away without his wife's forgiveness.  Her daughter would no longer speak to her because of her resentment toward the father she loved.  But when the wife and mother watched the video, she realized she could forgive her husband and then she and her daughter started to talk again.

Dr. Marks uses his own journey of forgiveness to illustrate not only the wisdom of God's call to forgive but the freedom and healing that it brings. This has outstanding insights into why and how to forgive and what it is not. Everyone has or had issues with forgiveness which limits productivity, relationships, and wisdom. Great application for business and ministry. Rick is an excellent speaker. He had a rough upbringing and is very insightful in teaching and saving marriages (3-day intensive course). Many people are moved by the video and have urged every employee to watch. Also, one member asked every family member to watch and even close friends.



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