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Economic Freedom and China

Economic Freedom and China

📄 Again, thank God for our Founding Fathers who used the Bible and wrote our constitution to set in motion our values and principles that guide the Freedoms that we enjoy today.  Without a Moral Compass, we would not have enjoyed such prosperity and blessing from the fruit of our labor.  It may not seem like it in times like these, but we still have economic strengths and resiliency by the Grace of God.   We have our share of cheaters but in the long run, the Golden Rule still builds repeat business success.

In recent news, it seems that more and more drugs, movies, toys, and electronics are being stolen or ripped off by the Chinese or other nations.  Why is this when we are literally building the Chinese economy on the backs of American consumption?  Obviously, it’s a move of God and I touch on it in more detail in my new book, but let me give you a taste of why and how China has stepped away from some of their Communist ways to take on Economic Freedom.  (This is stuff the media will never report because they don’t believe in God or it’s not negative enough.)

In 2002, the Chinese Government sent an atheist Economics Professor named Zhao Xiao to the USA to study and learn why America’s economy was so strong. China was in the midst of a growing boom fueled by American companies bringing businesses and manufacturing facilities, creating jobs and training workers in China because of its low cost of labor and facilities and honorable work ethic. Since the death of Mao and the collapse of Russia and the Eastern Block of Communist Countries, more forward-thinking Chinese leadership in the Communist Party knew they were falling further and further behind the rest of the world economically.

The Bottom line is that Zhao Xiao came back with a report he called “Market Economies With Churches and Market Economies without Churches.”  He also came back a Born Again Christian.  Xiao told Party Leaders the reason for American’s success is its Moral Value system based on Christian principles of  “loving your neighbor” taught by American Churches.  He said it is the key to America’s Economic greatness.

In an interview, Xiao said, that “Puritans who settled America, had an intention of bringing Glory to Jesus Christ in doing business... its a motivation that transcends making profits and in turn motivates the Entrepreneur to constantly find ways to innovate to reach more customers.”  He continues, “in the Chinese market environment, the reason people do evil things is that the overall marketplace is not very good.”  In China business owners “do evil things to protect themselves, expecting other people will do evil things to them, so they do it first.”  He said that businesses need mutual trust among one another, as in the USA.

He says, “the strongest difference in America and China is not technology, wages, or intelligence… but churches.  In the USA there are more churches than China has banks or even Rice shops.  Churches bind America together.”

He continues, ”these days the Chinese people do not believe in anything.  They don’t believe in god, they don’t believe in the devil, they don’t believe in Providence, they don’t believe in the last judgment, nor anything about heaven.  A person who believes in nothing ultimately can only believe in himself.  And self-belief implies that anything is possible---what do lies, cheating, harm and swindling, matter?

Amazingly, God has been moving on the heart of the Chinese people for the last 30 years and there is today over 138 million Born Again believer’s that have been hiding, growing and flourishing underground in home churches across China.  That's 10% of their population.

The communist party likes their economic success and that’s why they manipulate their currency to try to keep their boom going.  God allows Grace but their Grace period will end when He teaches them more and more about integrity, character, and faithfulness.  Eventually, they will have to set a legal system that stops and policies the con men and thieves or the USA and the rest of the nations who want to do honorable business will no longer buy from them, no matter their prices.

Economic Freedom and its principles are from the Lord and are changing the world with the Freedom he planned for mankind ever since He gave free will rights to Adam and Eve.


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