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Power of Obedience with Ed Silvoso

Ed Silvoso

🎦 Ed Silvoso, originally a pastor from Argentina and author of the best selling book Anointed for Business has taught and inspired many business people how to seek and follow the Lord in their businesses around the world.

This video features Graham Power, CEO and Founder of Power Group of Companies. They are the largest road contractor in South Africa. Years ago, the Lord got ahold of Graham's heart to urge him to serve and follow Him. In 2000, the Lord gave Graham a vision and direction for bringing all churches together to pray one day each year and for their city and nation. 45,000 came to the stadium in Johannesburg to pray. Graham then knew he was called to ask all nation in Africa to pray for each other. By 2004, 56 nations of Africa came together to pray.

In 2005, The Lord directed Graham to expand to the world. By 2008, 214 of 220 nations in the world joined together to pray. Millions praying for each other every year.

Ed's book: http://www.amazon.com/Anointed-Business-Christians-Influence-Profound/dp/0830728619

Ed's website: http://www.transformourworld.org/en/welcome


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