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Internet Connecting for a Grand Design – Neil Clark Warren eHarmony


📄 Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of®, has saved many marriages from divorce. Through years of counseling, research, and prayer, he discovered that there are two keys to a successful marriage: emotional health and compatibility.  In business, if your emotional health is good, it gives you strength and resilience through adversity. It keeps you open to new ideas, new people, and the willingness to take more risk.

One of the big business trends over the last decade is to focus on the employee's emotional intelligence, their EQ (Emotional Quotient). It is based in psychology and organizational research. Our EQ relates to how emotionally stable or grounded we are at handling stress on the job. Some say that it determines who will be a "peak performer" for the organization.

Like® does through profiling to match applicants with possible soul mates, companies are testing EQ matches before they offer a candidate a new position. In fact, they reject applicants they believe aren't compatible. Do you have hard soil and reject the Lord's attempts to penetrate your heart, build something great, or meet new people who can influence you for a change?

Neil through his counseling success knew God was calling him to the profiling and matching model he developed and marketing it on the Internet and TV.  During the hard times (crusty soil of the startup), he and his investors seriously thought about closing the business after struggling with an imbalance of more women than men on their site.  But they persevered and finally found the right combination of advertising on TV and the internet to start to make money. Most important is that their process really does help people to connect and find a loving mate.

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