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The Keys to Employee Engagement and Performance

employee engagement


📄 When it comes to being a living legend and achieving your true wealth, why do some people succeed and others fail? How do successful business people flesh out God's visions, thoughts, and ideas that He's placed in their heart and soul?

We understand that both natural and human seeds grow to reproduce additional seed for the next cycle or generation. Part of your mission is to plant your spiritual seed within your employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, community and all interested parties. Display your spirit and enthusiasm through your vision as well as your persistence to get the job done, build your organization, and serve others.

The overall plan is to share your passion and build esprit de corps to win together. People want to follow leaders of faith and heartfelt vision. By speaking, loving, and caring for people, you are like a teacher and salesman that helps your team accomplish the mission together. You are their inspiration because they could have never done it alone. The Word says, "We who teach will be judged more strictly." You are held to a higher standard but reap greater rewards.

Then you must move from not just visionary but to a leader.  People want to follow leaders who cast the vision and then delegate, involve and trust them to help accomplish the mission.

Al Lopus, Founder of the Best Christian Workplace Institute who evaluates hundreds of companies and ministries on a regular basis through employee surveys, says productivity is at its highest when employees are “Engaged,” not just “Satisfied.”  Engagement, especially employee engagement, is about trust and involvement where people feel they are contributing through their ideas and decisions to move together as a winning team, accomplishing something greater than they can do by themselves.  Ultimately, they feel ownership.  In their minds, they say, This is my organization and I am proud to be a contributing partner.


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