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Can an Entrepreneur with ADD Make It?

Entrepreneur with ADD

📄 Discouragement comes from all sides--other people, past failures, and negative thoughts that demoralize us. Satan speaks to our minds and uses the garbage we have collected from negative experiences to tell us how we will fail. He wants us to fail or be handcuffed, thus avoiding God's real call and plan for our lives. All of us have been influenced by people, religions, or institutions that restrict our absorption of the good seed that the Lord is attempting to share with us.

Paul Orfalea really struggled as a kid. He failed two grades and was told that he had dyslexia and attention deficit disorder (ADD). We might imagine what people and teachers said. For some parents, this diagnosis may have been heartbreaking, but Paul's parents continued to believe in him. So, when he finally graduated from college, his parents loaned him the $5,000 he needed to start his own tiny copy store near the UC Santa Barbara. You can just hear the negative voices he had heard. Somehow, he persevered and over the next 30 years built Kinko's, a national chain of stores that was eventually purchased by Federal Express.

“You can’t let your human logic override the Holy Spirit."

Scott Adams. CPA

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