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Entrepreneurs Following God’s Ways - Inspiration316 Radio

God is working in everybody’s life whether they know him or not. Christians and non-Christians can be entrepreneurs following  God's ways . A lot of people get trapped in the rocky soil described in Jesus’ parable of the sower. God wants to honor people who will pick up his vision and he is trying to touch all of us with ideas and willingness to take risks. Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, is a person who has taken God’s gifts of ideas and a willingness to take risks. Bezos is not a committed Christian that we know of, but he may be in the midst of a “prodigal son” story. He tells us how Amazon was founded and got started.

Also featured: a story from 1959. Stanley Tam, a very successful businessman in Lima, OH, started in mining silver and ended up building one of the largest plastic companies, US Plastic. He tells of how he committed the business to God. He is a prime example of entrepreneurs following God's ways.

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