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To Be Free Indeed by John Beehner

Free Indeed

📄 During the first week of September of 1980, I got on my knees in the Days Inn hotel to commit my life to Jesus Christ.  I did not really know what I was doing but my heart and soul were aching from the sins and dumb things I had done so far in life.  I surprisingly found a paperback Bible printed and distributed by the founder of Days Inn that offered a Sinners Prayer in the back.  It was so much easier to read than the King James version I had brought, so I welcomed the chance to recite the prayer many times and give it all to Him.

Nearly 20 years later, I started to fully comprehend what I had done that night.  The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had given up my rights to free will that God had granted to me and every man and woman since Adam and Eve.

The early years, it was easy to be submissive to the Lord because within a week He had led me to a business that turned around my economic issues and set me on the course I’m still on today of working with CEOs to help them grow their business, ultimately God’s way.   Even though the first year was hell, it became easier for 10 years, until He wanted me to change course.  Then came the test of obedience and many battles over 7 years with evil and God’s uphill climb that He would not let me forsake.

At times it seems like I am climbing a rocky mountain barefoot with no special gear to help me get to the top.  In this test I have needed to trust Him deeper and deeper, breaking away any of my desires still in me.  But what I have found along this journey is that true deepness is found through Freedom IN Christ.  There is a lot to complain about and plenty of scares, but my Spirit is alive from the insights and discernment He has given me every day.

Here is the Bottom Line: When we commit our lives to Jesus Christ, we no longer have the rights to free will that we were born with.  Even if you were only ten years old when you committed to Him, the Lord does not forget and will eventually draw you into His full service.

I have committed to be His servant, His soldier, His ambassador to accomplish His will and plan in and through me.  And He loves the journey because if I can keep my flesh (soul and worldly desires) quenched, He can use me for great things.  I have won my ultimate Prize and reward ... which is true Freedom IN Christ... long before I get to heaven.  That is a privilege and a joy that allows me to be FREE indeed.

One thought on “To Be Free Indeed by John Beehner

  1. I loved this article. I agree, true freedom in Christ is the ultimate prize. I gave my life to Christ at 8 years old, but I didn't fully surrender my will until I was older. I had to go through some really yucky stuff (health problems, very little income, etc.) in order to come to the end of myself. When I did completely surrender my will, Jesus turned my broken life into something beautiful. I would relive the hard stuff over and over to have the freedom I have found through Christ!


    -Amy Lynne

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