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Freedom isn’t Free; There Are Consequences When it Exceeds His Grace

Freedom isn't Free

📄 On December 16th, 2011, the Security and Exchange Commission finally began taking legal action against two of the key culprits who crashed the US housing industry in 2007.  David Mudd, former CEO of Fannie Mae, and Richard Syron, former CEO of Freddie Mac, along with four other executives, were charged with misrepresenting the number of subprime loans they served to US Senate Committees investigating the economic meltdown of our economy.

This is the first action of its kind toward receiving restitution from those who led us into the housing crisis and a broken economy since 2007.  These quasi-public and federal intuitions were the instigators with certain congressional leaders in the early part of that decade as Wall Street derivatives and banks joined the race to crank out as many loans as possible, whether borrowers qualified or not.

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they used the Bible as their guide. That's why we have laws against murder, stealing, bribery and lying (to name a few)... all from the Moral Truths of the Ten Commandments.  Our judicial system is derived from the book of Judges.

America has been so blessed because of our adherence to His principles, and it has been allowed more grace than other nations. But when individuals, organizations, or our nation get out of His will and grace, we will feel pain.  There must be acts of remorse and seeking forgiveness.  He is waiting on us to seek forgiveness.

God’s call to freedom has boundaries.  Greed is one of the Spiritual Sins of the Heart, and when in excess it exceeds God’s grace, we are now paying the consequence.  The Lord’s first commandment says, “Have no god’s before Me” and secondly, “Have no false idols.”  Greed, or the love of money, is a sin.  God requires us to ask for forgiveness or repentance, or face reprimands.

In January 2008, the Lord told me that our American economy would not rebound until there was repentance and an asking for forgiveness by the culprits.   As kids, nearly everyone of us was taught about asking for forgiveness, beginning with simple things like hitting our little sister.  Simple pride and greed sins have kept many public company CEOs from saying “I’m sorry” or asking for forgiveness.  It has happened ever since Satan began messing with the heads of men.  The Lord has reminded me many times that “Humility is either a choice or a consequence.”  Or as Proverbs says, “Pride comes before a fall.”

I believe bankers will be the next to be sued.   Banks allowed the foreclosure process to dictate their reactions to those in crisis trying to save their homes. They let the government lend them taxpayer money that increased our national debt and put our entire nation further at risk.   I believe if the banks took proactive steps to help homeowners affected by value declines, i.e., offering them a 30% reduction in the loan obligations, it would be a boom for both groups as people refinance.  Forgiveness of debt is Biblical.
So now it looks like the door is finally being opened by the SEC and not our government.  It’s the appropriate group to take action.  With legal action, humility will come.  Sadly, repentance will come in the form of fault-finding and eventual restitution.   It will waste more money and time proving fault, and drag out the bitterness and outrage of all Americans affected by the greed of a few hundred men and women who created a culture of selfish interest over the common good of all Americans.

When the passion of some for greed puts a majority into debt, the true rights of our intended freedom are violated.  These individuals and institutions have violated our public trust.  The consequences must be faced.
The Word says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  In order to be open to God, you must have humility.   The clock is ticking for our national Financial Executives who are in denial or hoping this issue will go away.   But the Lord will get His way and the economy will turn when He believes it’s time, and humility is impacting those who are standing in its way.

Written by John Beehner, author of the New Release "The Freedom Revolution... Rocking Our World."

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