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Teach Me How to Be Fruitful


📄 The evidence is profound that the best and most healthy companies in the world follow Biblical Principles. Check out the books Built to Last and Good to Great by Jim Collins’ student research team and you will see how the values of visionary companies (Visions come from the Lord) are successful. According to their findings, the best of the comparison companies focused more on people, innovation, quality, and customer (core values) versus their competitors who focused more on profits and growth, allowing the companies to be fruitful. Written in 1994.

A great example and innovator (not included in the book) that is changing the food industry forever is Whole Foods. Founded in 1980 by John Mackey and partners, it now has nearly 300 stores in an industry dominated by the supermarket chains nearly a hundred years old.

Whole Foods executives say that they lead and manage by 7 core values that they teach every employee. They say that they make future and day-to-day decisions by these principles.

Whole Foods: Our Core Values

1. We sell the Highest Quality Natural and Organic Products available.

2. We Satisfy, Delight and Nourish Our Customers

3. We support Team Member Excellence and Happiness

4. We create Wealth through Profits and Growth

5. We Serve and Support Our Local Communities

6. We Practice and Advance Environmental Stewardship

7. We Create Ongoing Win-Win Partnerships with Our Suppliers

So if we are supposed to be Christians and entrepreneurs of faith, why can’t our pastors teach and post our core values on the wall? Why don’t we have courses, teachings, and discussions so we really learn how to apply our principles in our leadership on the job and not just at home?

I appreciate the teaching of many pastors being led by the Lord but I don’t think they always translate for us the actions we need to take. One simple example is “Love your Enemy.”

I don’t think I’ve heard that principle taught from the pulpit and the reason why we should love them. Bring it home to us, so we can become more fruitful and better leaders.

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