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Dave Browne – The Gift Of Sight – Lenscrafters


🎦 Dave Browne is the former CEO of Lenscrafters, the national retail chain and seller of eye apparel. Frustrated and bored in Christian workshop one day, he walked outside with his Bible to sit on a park bench. Concerned about the business and numerous issues, he sought the Lord and as he opened his Bible, a verse seemed to jump off the page and captivate him:

Luke 7:21 At that very time Jesus cured many who had diseases, sicknesses, and evil spirits, and gave sight to many who were blind.

Dave immediately saw a vision to create a program that would be known as the “The Gift of Sight.” The concept ran for many years, giving away used eyeglasses to the needy in the USA and many nations of the world. They created traveling caravans of employees and doctors examining and fitting people with glasses that most had never experienced before.


It inspired the employees of Lenscrafters and employee turn over dropped by 75% and profits improved. Employees no longer saw their work as a job but as a mission. Dave eventually went on to become CEO of Family Christian Stores where he used some of the same concepts to build teamwork, unity, and sense of calling.

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