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7 Practical Concepts to Improve Performance – Going from Good to Great

Improve Performance

ūüďĄ 7 Practical Concepts to Improve Performance - Going from Good to Great

1. What you measure will improve…keep a scorecard to measure and track goals using Graphs and Charts (many of your top performers are not numbers; people prefer visual examples)

2. Cross train at the middle management levels when its crunch time.   Often the best performers appreciate  the diversity.  Some of the best CEOs will spend a half day each month working at a supervisory level to learn first hand where productivity gains can be found.

3. Organize Customer luncheons once a month by bringing in the CEO of some of your best customers.  Allow your management staff to interview them and find areas where you are successful and need improvement.

4. Expect higher results from your top performers.  Research has proven in normal productivity improvement programs where the goal is to bring the average performers to high… those already working at high level will improve even more.

5. Establish 5-7 key indicators for the company health or growth that can be reviewed in weekly staff meetings.  Each company must decide, some may be returns, customer complaints, turnover, profit margins, cash flow, etc.  Just finding agreeing among you staff can produce change within your team.

6. Create a Profit Improvement Program (PIP) by examining with your key managers your procedures, costs of inventory, overhead, timetables for projects, technology or 15 other items to improve profits.

7. Share the gain.  Gain sharing has been around for 60 years.  Its been proven that when key managers have a stake or sense of ownership they perform at a higher level  and love the opportunity to take a quarterly bonus home when the goals are met.

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