Inspiration316 Radio – God Healing

Inspiration316 Radio – God Healing This episode of Inspiration316 is about God healing. Featuring: a lady from Wisconsin talking about the cure for PTSD. In addition, how forgiveness leads to restoration. Also, an amazing story of what’s happening in Japan. And finally, how to cure cancer without chemotherapy or radiation from a group out of Arizona. See […]

Dick Erickson

Cancer Free When Others Went Home – Diane & Dick Erickson

🎤 Dick Erickson has a successful business called Sun Tire, while Diane has been the supportive wife and mother of four great kids.  When Diane got cancer, she went through the normal chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Unfortunately, things did not improve. Then they heard of a new experimental program at the National Cancer Institute in […]

will you answer

When He Knocks, Will You Answer? Horst Schulze from Ritz Carlton

🎦 When he knocks, will you answer is a tremendous, personal story by Horst Schulze. Horst is a unique and outstanding former President of Ritz Carlton raised in Germany. As a very young man, he trained and started as a busboy. He started moving up and was later promoted to management levels in some of the […]