business legends

Business Legends – Inspiration316 Radio

Business Legends – Inspiration316 Radio Today’s show is about business legends who have had great success. Wayne Huizenga Jr., whose father bought Blockbuster Video. Wayne now owns the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Panthers, and the Florida Marlins. Also, Jordan Rubin, Founder and Owner of Garden of Life. Today’s show sponsor is Bennett Brown, President of […]

Tough Decisions in business

Tough Decisions in Business – Inspiration316 Radio

Tough Decisions in Business – Inspiration316 Radio We hear from some of the top executives of some of the top companies in the world talk about some tough decisions in business. They also speak about some tough decisions they had to make in their personal life while running a business. There is no doubt that […]

shocking businessmen

Shocking Businessmen – Inspiration316 Radio

Shocking Businessmen – Inspiration316 Radio We start the show with Andy Sanfilippo, founder of team JAS. We also have Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. Ben Brown, bank president, joins us. Bob Buford is a cable-TV pioneer. Bill Pollard is the twice-former CEO of ServiceMaster. Shocking businessmen Greg Harp, and also Blake Mycoskie,  best known as […]

John Beehner's Testimony

John Beehner’s Testimony – Inspiration316 Radio

John Beehner’s Testimony – Inspiration316 Radio Today is going to be an unusual show; John Beehner’s testimony. He tells us how he got started on the Inspiration316 Radio show and also some background of his life per listener requests. John is the founder of Wise Counsel and also an author and radio host. John’s Books: The […]

boardroom leadership

Boardroom Leadership – Inspiration316 Radio

Boardroom Leadership – Inspiration316 Radio This show features Christian leaders and CEOs in publicly traded and large companies who influence thousands, or even millions, of people. God intends for every one of us to be filled with the Holy Spirit every minute of every day. However, so many of us compartmentalize and separate secular work from […]

Shark Tank

Inspiration316 Radio – Shark Tank

Inspiration316 Radio – Shark Tank Shark Tank is one of the most popular shows on television. It was started in Japan as “dragon den” and then went to Canada. It’s about inspiring people in business and raise capital. God is in the midst of all of this. Everybody who has been in business has been […]

New Economy in America

Inspiration316 Radio – The New Economy in America – Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Inspiration316 Radio – The New Economy in America – Amazon and Jeff Bezos Many businesses that have grown in the new economy in America since the recession. Jeff Bezos founded one of those companies. He started a company called Amazon, and today’s show features interviews with him. Amazon is doing billions of dollars of sales […]

Corporate Servant

Inspiration316 Radio – Being a Corporate Servant

Inspiration316 Radio – Being a Corporate Servant God has principles to follow in business and in ministry. John Beehner has been researching and working with CEOS for 37 years and is still doing so through Wise Counsel, where he meets with CEOs 3 days a month in small groups and they learn from one another and grow and […]

Rejection to success

Inspiration316 Radio – Rejection to Success

Inspiration316 Radio – Rejection to Success Today’s show is about overcoming rejection and hanging in there. to accomplish success Many people have felt rejected by others but overcoming that rejection is what is important. Featuring Sara Blakely – founded Spanx and guest host on Shark Tank; John Rivers – founded 4 Rivers BBQ, Colonel Sanders […]

Athletes in action

Inspiration316 Radio – Athletes in Action

Inspiration316 Radio – Athletes in Action Also the name of a ministry, today’s show is about “athletes in action.” We have some great stories about men who have overcome adversity and how God is using them in business, sports, and in life. Featuring Monty Williams, Pete Merovich. Stephen Curry, Joe Gibbs, and David Robertson.  

Skip Allcorn, Co-Founder of Coastal Construction Products

Inspiration316 Radio- Skip Allcorn, Co-founder of Coastal Construction Products

Guest Skip Allcorn joins John Beehner on today’s show. Skip Allcorn is the co-founder of Coastal Construction Products, which sells hundreds of products for commercial construction like lubricants and caulking used on the surface of all types of commercial buildings. Coastal Construction operates throughout Florida and now the southeast.  Skip has a compassion for ministry, like […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Muslims Converted to Christianity: Mario Joseph

Muslims Converted to Christianity: Mario Joseph Christians are supposed to gain wisdom and insight from the Bible. In the Muslim faith, they use the Qur’an as their doxology or guide for life. We find out the Qur’an is very flawed, as many Muslims who have discovered the truth of Jesus Christ, are saying. This episode […]

Inspiration316 Radio – The Forgiving Cross

Inspiration316 Radio – The Forgiving Cross Today we’re talking about the forgiving cross, forgiveness and being cleansed from unrighteousness. God sent his Son to die on the cross for you and me so he could forgive us, and if we don’t forgive others, then we’re in trouble. God provided the sacrifice of his Son to […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Marriage Wisdom

Inspiration316 Radio – Marriage Wisdom We have Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, who have written many books on marriage wisdom, including The C.O.R.E of a Good Fight, and Love Talk: Speak Each Other’s Language Like You Never Have Before. We also have a few other couples, including a husband who came back from Afghanistan with PTSD, another testimony of […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Atheists Coming to Christ

Atheists Coming to Christ Atheists are coming to Christ in the millions, especially in Muslim countries and China. It’s amazing what’s happening around the world as a result of God’s goodness. We also feature some testimonies about atheists coming to Christ locally in the Jacksonville, FL area. See Also: Muslims Converted to Christianity: Mario Joseph […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Guest Joy Lamb, Author of Sword of the Spirit

Guest Joy Lamb, Author of Sword of the Spirit Guest Joy Lamb, the famous author of The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God: A Handbook for Praying God’s Word. She has had a profound impact on a lot of people’s lives in addition to the life of our host, John Beehner. They have […]

Inspiration316 Radio – God Healing

Inspiration316 Radio – God Healing This episode of Inspiration316 is about God healing. Featuring: a lady from Wisconsin talking about the cure for PTSD. In addition, how forgiveness leads to restoration. Also, an amazing story of what’s happening in Japan. And finally, how to cure cancer without chemotherapy or radiation from a group out of Arizona. See […]

Inspiration316 Radio – How God Uses People

Featuring biblical principles that successful men have used and are using, including, Jack Ma, co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, Charlie Rose, Steve Jobs, and clips from Steven Spielberg.

Inspiration316 Radio – Muslims Meeting Jesus

The Good News of Jesus Christ: How He is at Work All Over the World. God uses people with good intent, desire, and a good heart all over the world. We have seen many Muslims meet Jesus, especially in the Middle East. Featuring: Marilyn Hickey, CBS Clip with James Brown; CBN – Muslims around the […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Christian Healing Ministries – Judith MacNutt

Judith MacNutt and her husband Francis co-founded Christian Healing Ministries 38 years ago, and God has used them in at least 1 million people’s lives. Christian Healing Ministries is a Christ-centered, ecumenical, and non-profit organization that is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer. Our website offers a variety of information and resources […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Giving and Receiving

Featuring stories from the 700 Club, this episode has lots of testimonies from individuals about their giving to God’s purpose and plans; how people are giving tithes or their heart to God. Stories of how people’s lives have been changed by giving their tithes or their hearts. When you give, you will receive because that’s […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Christians in China

God is active and very effective in the country of China. When Mao Tse-tung died, there probably weren’t 4 million Christians, but now they are estimating there are 400 million Chinese born-again Christians. Zhao Xiao, a prominent Chinese economist, came to the US chartered by the communist government to determine why the US economy was […]

Inspiration316 Radio – Overcoming Fear

All of us have had fear in our lives at one point in time. God is in the business of overcoming that and using you if you’re open to Him. Stories about Lee Strobel, an atheist who wrote The Case for Christ, Tamara Laroux, who shot herself and went to hell, HGTV’s Joanna Gains, Joe […]