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The Internet… Another Tool of Freedom

Tool of Freedom

📄 A new global freedom marketplace has emerged from the internet.  But on the freedom model of mutual trust and free enterprise, it has little policing, no regulators, no taxation system and it remains as open as nations allow.

The Internet is free enterprise in action, and it’s built on mutual trust through prepay tools.  Thirty percent of the world’s population claims to regularly use the Internet today.  For example, the volume of eBay alone is considered in the top ten of the largest economies in the world and operates in 30 countries.

The Internet drives down prices, as people can cut out the wholesaler and get free samples easily without going to the store.  It saves energy costs, allowing people to work out of their homes.  It will continually bring down labor and shipping costs.  In a down economy, it allows small businesses to find customers in other markets just to survive.  It’s definitely a tool that God created through visions given to men at the Strategic Air Command, not Al Gore.

Workers in Indonesia, the Philippines and India are helping American companies build websites and software for as low as 20 cents an hour, while programmers here earn $30-$75 an hour.  Now you can see why many people want to immigrate to the USA to work for American companies.  Others may cry “foul” for those workers in the Far East.  But the truth is that many those same people might otherwise be working in rice fields or living in slums.  Yet, these workers are developing a skill and using their God-given talents to grow and may eventually start their own internet business, one day.  It is raising their standard of living; just look at the Chinese example and explosion as it trades with the rest of the world.

It’s part of God’s plan for the world to come together and reduce conflict, find mutual respect, and seek the skills and talents in one another.  This is the type of activity that reduces war and uses the gifts of entrepreneurs around the world.

God is a God of relationships. He wants to participate in our lives each day to bring the best out of us.  Secondly, He wants us to have a kind and loving relationship with our fellow man. That is why the Social Media phenomenon is an extension of Him... men and women having a deeper relationship with each other.  The internet is just another tool for that purpose.

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