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The J.C. Penney Legacy… an example for us

j.c. penney

📄 J.C. Penney was an incredibly successful businessman. He learned a great deal from his father, who was a pastor. His first three stores, beginning in the mining town of Kemmerer, Wyoming, were called the Golden Rule Stores. Within 15 years, his business grew so rapidly that he added 350 stores to the chain. Then he left the company he had founded because he thought he had the “Midas Touch” to turn anything into a success.

But Jim's next visions failed from the stock market crash of 1929, and he lost 90% of his personal wealth. So at 54, suffering from shingles and depression, he was on his deathbed in a hospital. In humility, he reached out to God again and asked for forgiveness. This prompted a deeply spiritual encounter that caused him to surrender to Christ, anew. The Lord showed him that He was growing the J.C. Penney Company, not himself. He realized he was just a vessel of the Lord to serve people and customers for His greater purposes.

This became his secret to success - yielding completely to God's plan.   From that encounter, he discovered His greatest plan of ministering and coaching other businessmen. He was an inspiration for thousands. Instead of dying in his hospital bed at 53, he went on to live to be 95, reenergized and healed for a great and new undertaking.

God's plan for your life and pursuing His calling will change your life through peace, love, and joy. The Lord works in the hearts of businessmen and women who receive His vision, whether they know him or not. But the Creator of heaven and earth is not gauging your success based on financial merits. Instead, your contribution to the Kingdom is grounded in your obedience to His calling and plan. In fact, He is laying up treasures in heaven for the work we do on earth.

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