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Business Growth from American & Biblical Values – John Beehner

Business Growth from American & Biblical Values - John Beehner

🎦 John Beehner shares in 1999 at the first Believers in Jacksonville Conference with 300 executives that he organized.  Here he shares many of the founding principals he discovered in praying, researching and crying out to the Lord for wisdom in his calling to write his first book, True Wealth By the Book. John had sold a business called TEC Florida (now known as Vistage) in 1995 that he built over 13 years. The business served nearly 300 CEOs in a roundtable process to help them accelerate their growth every month with a staff of 20.

In this video, John shares excerpts from his book. He describes in this brief talk the 3 cornerstones that are the solid foundation for building a successful business (Character, Moral and Spiritual Truths), which are keys to the order, truth, and values of our Creator. He uses many corporate and entrepreneurial examples like J.C.Penney, IBM, "Built to Last," and much more.


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