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Life Changing Turnaround – Linda Rios Brook

Linda Rios Brook

📄 Linda Rios Brook spent many years in network television working with ABC, CBS, and NBC as the president and general manager of affiliates in Texas, Florida, and Minnesota. In 1991, she found herself in the middle of a frenzy in both the secular and Christian media about a Bible study she led in the evenings.  Her options were to resign or stop teaching.  She decided to resign her high paid position from the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis rather than hide her faith.
Linda cried out to the Lord from the beaten-down path. After several rejections, she realized the Lord was calling her to a new venture with a handful of investors, who together bought an independent television cable station out of bankruptcy in St. Paul, MN, for $3.2 million.

They struggled for the first three years. Some board members felt strongly about airing the Rush Limbaugh TV show, carried nationally at the time, to build their audience base.  But to carry the show the producers required that they also had to air the Jerry Springer show.  Linda rejected the idea because of the “family fights” the show emphasized.  Later, she reluctantly decided to carry the Springer show to get Limbaugh, without a confirmation from the Lord.  

But before the Jerry Springer show was to air ( at 2 am to avoid embarrassment), she received a vision from the Lord to reach out to those in need.  She called local counseling agencies and ministries and asked for their help.  At the bottom of each show, she streamed the tagline “If you are in crisis and need help, call....”  The switchboards lit up with thousands of calls every night.  As many as 30,000 calls a month for six years.  Many found help and many found Christ.  

Bottom line, the results from the Jerry Springer counseling effort bore more fruit than 75% of the churches in America.  The station became very profitable and seven years later, they sold it to a large media conglomerate for $52.5 million net to the shareholders.

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