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Marketing Mistakes for Christian Entrepreneurs

Marketing Mistakes for Christian Entrepreneurs

📄 Not long ago, a Wise Counsel member was upset with the reaction to their new brochure by a group of doctors.  They had very faintly printed a cross on the front.  Yes, one doctor was Jewish and another Hindu.  So was that the reason?

As I prayed and thought through what to share with them…here’s what I received.  The Lord just dropped into my spirit these insights to the “cross on the brochure.”

The reason the Doctors were offended and said it was “Unprofessional” is because many new/green Christians in business enthusiastically share their faith and use the cross to help market their business.  To them it’s a witness.

Many of these people lack maturity in Christ and still do not know how to walk their talk.  If they didn’t pay their bills on time before they came to Christ, they probably still don’t do it.  Yet, in time God may convict/train them to do the right thing.  I call them “flakey Christians” who are still in 1st grade.  They offend even their Brothers and Sisters when they don’t walk their talk.

The Doctor could have been offended by:

1. A roofer with his cross on his truck but did lousy work.

2. A roadside sign by a well-meaning Christian businessman whom he sees as unprofessional because he sees as a marketing tool and can’t relate to the intent behind the message.

3. He may have been offended by a bumper sticker of a man driving a beat-up car and thinks he can’t respect him.  He may associate. “Christ is for losers.”

4. Or he saw a man who calls himself a Christian, lose his temper in front of his staff.

5. Finally, the cross in someone’s face will either condemn them or convict them.  The mature Christian realizes there “is no condemnation in Christ Jesus” Yet the Jew, young Christian, or non-Believer feel the pressure from the enemy as condemnation… a feeling of unworthiness.

An unbelieving friend of mine told me once… “My Dad was an adulterer and left our family when I was 10 years old.  Then he came to Christ 10 years ago, but runs around with women and just got married to a woman 40 years younger he met on the Internet.”  My friend does not want to hear about Christianity.

My advice is to be wise about how we witness with the cross on printed materials.  We could destroy our real chance of witnessing through our walk.

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