Wise Counsel Member Testimonies and Big Payoff Stories

Wise Counsel Member Testimonies and Results



Changes made through advice and counsel of members, speakers or managing partner*


1. Advice and sources for a $350,000 loan for a successful turnaround;

2. Accounts receivable problem reduced by $45,000;

3. Bought out partner, $200-$300,000 saved and from a potential nightmare;

4. Group advice to drop Chief Operating Officer, $50,000 savings;

5. $2 million decision and walk through negotiation advice by the group;

6. $35,000 in fees saved by avoiding a lawsuit;

7. Recovery of $150,000 inventory to sell again;

8. Advice and counsel on how to buy a million dollar business/nothing down;

9. Network to find new Chief Operating Officer forĀ  distribution business;

10. Advice, counsel, and prayer to retain $500,000 contract;

11. Advice to identify new product worth $3 million business;

12. Group analysis and counsel turned money losing account of $2 million into profitable venture, $100,000 turnaround;

13. $700,000 improvement in cash flow through implementation of Open Book Management program from Resource Presentation;

14. Advice to set new business/pricing plan worth $400,000 in first year of business;

15. Buy out partner, potential savings of $400,000.


1. Healing marriage and family through counsel and prayer of brothers in Christ;

2. Intercession, prayer, counsel in healing marriage;

3. Conflict resolution between member and spouse using Biblical approach;

4. Advise/pray for healing of family relationship with use of outside facilitator recommended by the group;

5. Termination of employee. Relief from pressure done in a Biblical way;

6. Avoiding unequally yoked partnership;

7. Holy Spirit guide/prayer/counsel of group in selling a store for$600,000;

8. Advice/prayer to avoid family breakup;

9. Advice on rehab center for son, now off drugs and born again;

10. 2 men recruited for Gideon movement;

11. Prison ministry involvement;

12. Bible studies starting in-house of member business;

13.Encouragement to avoid divorce and the splitting of the family, that God will be faithful in turning around what might seem like a hopeless situation;

14.Prayer and intervention to have an alcoholic family member placed in rehab center.

*These are actual cases. Names and companies have not been disclosed because some information is still considered personal; some are confidential. Years 2000-2002.