Mentors, Coaches, Experts, and Spiritual Advisers

Here are some of our mentors, coaches, experts, and spiritual advisers:



























Wise Counsel Mentors are men and women who have successfully built a small to mid-sized business (most under $50 million in sales) with 20-30 years of experience. Our mentors are willing to share, for example, their…

  • Inspiring Visions
  • Struggles, Miscalculations
  • Most successful strategies and tactic that worked in tradition businesses.
  • Obstacles, Deceits
  • Best People they have hired
  • Financial Failures


Wise Counsel Experts are people with special experience and ability to teach, educate and even consult with others to improve their effectiveness. For Example…

  • Technology
  • Hiring traits and testing
  • Financial projections
  • Product Development
  • Operational issues
  • Real Estate Development
  • Team Building
  • Motivation


Wise Counsel Coaches are trained to help you make decisions on Strategy and Tactics in the growth and development of your business, set Goals and track your success or areas that need improvement. 

Benefits from Wise Counsel coaching have been …

  • A cheerleader for those days filled with rejections or Murphy’s laws day, if it can go wrong it will.
  • A sounding board.
  • Someone to help me see the difference in my Strategy for growth and not just the problems or my daily Tactics.
  • An objective person to problem solves and brainstorm when I am stuck or need a new vision or purpose.
  • I am reminded I am part of a great team.
  • A person to reflect with me and remind me to ask myself, "Am I doing all that I can"?
  • Someone to help me stay focused and on track.
  • A person who is committed to my success as well as the company.
  • Someone who challenges and polishes me and my skills. Inspires me to be more than I am and be all that I dream to be.
  • A friend who prays for me and gives me insights on God’s real purpose in me.


Spiritual Advisers are men and women with a deep commitment to serving Jesus Christ. They help to determine your personal or business needs, pray together and or share the wisdom they believe the Lord would like you to receive at this point in your life and or business.