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Never Give Up – Dave Ramsey

Never Give Up - Dave Ramsey

📄 Dave Ramsey, the renown financial expert who has been appeared on national radio and TV shows, provides the tough financial advice. He learned and earned it by a humbling "school-of-hard-knocks degree." In his earlier years, he overextended himself in the real estate business and lost it all. But experiencing the rocky soil developed his character and prepared him for the next challenge. Today, Dave's national organization of 200 staff members is teaching and educating more than 100,000 people about how to effectively eliminate debt.

Dave Ramsey went from being very rich to being totally bankrupt. This happened for a reason. Through the pain, he found peace with Jesus and vowed to help others avoid debt. Participation in his Financial Peace University workshop is up 68 percent this year, and it has helped people get out of debt for almost 20 years. More than 3 million people listen to his show every week on 325 radio stations. Now, his show also comes to television on the Fox Business News Network.

Truly successful people are bigger than their problems. What some would consider obstacles, they see as stepping stones. Because Dave failed in the rocky and thorny soil of real estate, many are now blessed through him. When we seek God, He takes us from darkness to the light. Darkness represents confusion, failure or pain. Light is the path that gleams brightly through a clear vision. No matter the storms, the peace of God lights your way.

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