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Open Book Management – Creating A Company Of Entrepreneurs

Open Book Management

🎦 Comment by John Beehner, Founder of Wise Counsel: John Case, a business author, does a good job of explaining what I believe is an excellent model for dynamic business success, "Open Book Management." I believe it is the best Biblical model I have ever seen in working with over 400 different companies over 35 years. It requires management and employees to be honest, open and trustworthy with each other and share in the profits. When employees are so ingrained in the business with their heart, soul, and spirit with good products or services the marketplace wants, it's a grand slam.

I have had Jack Stack, CEO of SRC (Springfield Manufacturing Company) speak to many CEO groups through the years and I've been to his offices. To me, he is the inventor of the term Open Book Management and a real pioneer. PSS (Physician Sales and Service) under Pat Kelly was a company that I personally worked with for many years and I can testify that their system worked well and produced giant growth, from $2 million in sales to $2 Billion in 15 years. The company is now owned by the McKesson group.

John's book available here.


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