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Three Laws of Business Success – Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson

🎦 How Pat Robertson founded the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) is an amazing story of faith, trust, and obedience. A willingness to give up everything and follow the Lord with 3 kids from a successful life as an attorney in corporate America, sell everything and just pick up and move without many details or instructions from the Lord. "God does not despise small beginnings." Founded in 1961 as a UHF station, CBN's signal barely got across the town of Portsmouth, Virginia. In 1963, Pat told viewers that a "club" of 700 contributors, each giving $10 a month, would enable CBN to meet its expenses for the distant future.

In this video, Pat shares at a Believer's Conference in 2004 at the World Golf Village near Jacksonville to Wise Counsel members and a community-wide audience. During Pat's study, he discovered 3 laws that will lead to our business success if we are just obedient to His purposes and plan.


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