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What a Lousy RECESSION Diet!


📄 A few years ago, I was sharing with a local banker that, with the downturn (recession) in the economy, the Lord has put us on a BIG diet. The “Grace Period” of irresponsible lending and borrowing was over; there is a price to pay. The grace period had ended and we could no longer keep borrowing to buy our way to success or out of deep issues.

Well, the diet is working, but the treasury is overreacting to almost shut down lending to small businesses. You noticed that you rarely get one of the “15 a month” credit card solicitations anymore. Banks aren’t blinded anymore by their own greed. As painful as it might be, we may be blessed that our President doesn’t know how to stimulate the economy. Many other countries have to pull in their reins and make changes to survive and keep from the cliff.

Yes, we can blame the recession on our government leaders like FNMA (Fannie Mae) and the greedy deceiving bankers and brokers. And those who chase money for a living violated their own principles to look good to shareholders. Bill Gates may have said it best… “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” They discarded moral judgment, values, integrity to chase profit for selfish gain. They forgot the Golden Rule.

But nearly all of us got caught up in our “economy on steroids,” so unfortunately, we all have a price to pay. We have course corrections to make through our painful diet, to survive and feel healthy again. God requires discipline when our grace period ends. We need prayer and the Lord's favor for things to change. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his book The Mystery of the Shemitah (7th year of rest God required) believes that the rest is upon us in 2015 so that God could allow a new economic shake-up. Most recessions come close to a 7-year cycle.  Note the chart below.

Annualized GPD change from 1923 to 2009. Data are annual from 1923 to 1946 and quarterly from 1947 to the second quarter of 2009. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.




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