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The Relationship Model for Successful Marketing

Relationship Model for Successful Marketing

📄 In Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages, he describes how each of us has a different understanding of love. The 5 love languages are represented by

• words of affirmation
• quality time, listening
• acts of service
• gifts
• physical touch

In business growth, we can also show love through:

1. providing good services (an enjoyable experience where they want to return or tell others),
2. quality products (they can trust and can rely on again)
3.  listening to our customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, and community.
If you do these things with good character and integrity, you create a powerful economic exchange...and produce profits. In fact, making money over time is the result of building relationships with all our customers and friends.

Peter Drucker, the most famous business guru of the last century, simply stated the purpose of a business is "finding the need of a customer and filling it." In essence, he is reaffirming the Golden Rule for a business and stressing the importance of building relationships.

Howard Schultz sees the romance in coffee and its power in bringing people together. Howard built the Starbucks Coffee Company chain of stores around the world. According to Howard, "If you take care of the soft side of your business, namely your people, and you treat the customer with a passion for what you offer them, you will be profitable. The customer will see you are sincere and return over and over again." Can you see and hear his love and passion to serve the customer through good relationships?

Jim Penney, founder of J.C. Penney department store chain said, "The number one management training course is found in the Bible. It's called the Sermon on the Mount." He also said that "making money must always be a byproduct of building the character of men and women and rendering of essential service to mankind."

It is really about how we're to love our neighbor. It is about our attitude, heart, and humility. It is about how we are to interact with other people to influence them for good through the sale of quality merchandise and service. That is what brings customers back repeatedly. The same principles apply in a marriage, family, school, or church. Loving relationships are rooted in how people interact and show love toward one another.

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