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Living Free from Strongholds – Paul Hollis


šŸŽ¦ Paul Hollis, former businessman as CEO and COO for 20 years, moved to Tampa with the intent build a real estate business. But he ran into one stumbling block. God had other plans. The Lord called him into training to learn how the enemy was limiting people from reaching their full potential by limiting their peace of mind, showing them theirĀ bad habits, insecurities, fears and feelings of inferiority (to name a few) from demonic activity in and around people. Paul calls them "Strongholds" which bid us or others spiritually in negative actions and thinking. His teaching applies personally and in business. Strongholds manifest through issues like anger, lust, fear, disease, pride, depression and much more.

Peter Lowe said, "I learned more from Paul Hollis on how to manage and motivate people than anyone else I have met. He helped me get free and so many others. I learned about real spiritual warfare from him than any church. He is a great blessing to me."

His website isĀ http://livingfreeministries.us/


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