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Are You Replacing Faith With Education?

replacing faith with education

📄 Dr. Jerry Williamson, President of Go To Nations, the respected international mission organization that has over 500 missionaries in 86 countries, says, “People are replacing faith with education . It’s a major mistake; pastors need to sound the alarm and they aren’t.” In a world of increasing technology and mass media, we are taught to “Google it" or "Facebook them.” Prayer is something too many do in desperation as a last resort after not finding the answer on the internet. We expect too many answers from the internet. It won’t be long before the internet and your thousand channel TV will merge with your laptop; and all of it will be available on your Double Smart Satellite phone.

Obviously, the Lord wants us to have all these devices because He is the Creator. He is the One who implanted the visions and skills in the people who invented and manufactured these tools to bring His world and people closer together. Life is a balance, however, and I envision Him more often wanting us to ask for His assistance. Instead of jumping to Google every time a problem arises, we should go to prayer.

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