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Richest Man on Earth – John D. Rockefeller

Richest Man on Earth

📄 At 33 years of age, John D. Rockefeller was America's first millionaire and the richest man on earth. At 43, he ran the largest company in the world, Standard Oil. At 53, he was America's first billionaire. By this time, in the early 1900's, he was so sick that he could only eat crackers and milk. He was on his deathbed. Newspapers had written his obituary. They thought he was going to die. At the same time, he was hung in effigy because people hated him and said he was full of greed.

Rockefeller called himself a Christian, so what happened? Although he realized God had given him the gift to accumulate wealth, the gift had become a curse because he didn't seek or know his true purpose in gathering wealth. It reminds me of a statement a Pastor once said about being wealthy, "God will give it to you if He can get it through you."

One night, when he couldn't sleep, Rockefeller sought God and received a vision. He realized in the vision that the Lord was saying, "All the money in the world will do you no good in heaven or hell. Your job and your responsibility are to give it away." The next morning he took action.  He gathered staff and formed the John D. Rockefeller Foundation. His philanthropy has changed the world, set the pattern for other philanthropists, and wiped out many diseases during the early part of that century.

Like many miracles, as Rockefeller found his true calling, his health turned around and he spent the next 40 years giving away the wealth he had accumulated. When he discovered his true calling, he received the peace of mind that came with it. His inner healing led to his outer physical healing.

As John Beehner wrote in his first book True Wealth By the Book years ago, the Lord gave him these words: "True wealth is not a measure of success but a measure of responsibility."

If you have money, talents, or gifts, then helping other people is your greatest responsibility and honor. We all have a responsibility to one another to give away the gifts He has placed within us and to help change lives. His purpose in us is fulfilled as we use these gifts to touch the lives of others. The truth and depth of the secret to living comes alive in you through a spiritual understanding, which becomes deeper and deeper over time. In fact, as you read the Bible repeatedly with spiritual eyes, you are refreshed and enlightened to the true wisdom of God.

Do you remember in high school English class when the teacher asked you to read a poem or a piece of literature? Afterward, the teacher asked, "What is the author really trying to say? What is his deepest meaning?" That's what starts to unfold as we begin to see the depth of biblical truth and read in between the lines. The true meanings start to come into view, and then it broadens our vision and gives us a greater understanding.

That's the spirit of God at work in you. It is seeing with spiritual eyes, which the Bible also calls our heart. When you see a vision through grace, you begin to understand your calling. This is the track that you are to be on in life in terms of how you are to help people  - by being a better father, husband, mother, wife, friend or even building a business or an enterprise.

God then brings the provision or "pro-vision." In other words, you receive the vision and let the Lord take the lead, but you have to keep working but let the pressure go.   If He is in it, doors will open and he will lead you, helping you grow and resolve issues by His Spirit and grace.

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