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Thank Goodness the Roaring 2000’s are Over.

Roaring 2000

📄 My hometown paper carried the story of a local bank officer of a major institution heading to prison for up to 30 years for altering document so that he would receive his bonus of $50-70,000 during the 2005-2006 real estate boom and bust. The U.S. Attorney’s office in its crackdown on mortgage fraud says he falsified property values, borrower information, and other documents.

It’s a prime example of the self-centeredness of lending to people and organizations who they didn’t qualify. This is a classic example of what was spearheaded with the leadership at the top, hopefully not lying but being overly aggressive in its lending practices without true regard for who qualified and sound financial practices good banks were built upon. This time is our history may go down as the “Roaring 2000’s.”

God is amazing. Through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, He gave us grace, not to have to live by the letter of law, but room to make mistakes. We all learn more by our mistakes and make course corrections through follow up good deeds. But grace periods always come to an end when we are out of His long-term will for our lives, families, businesses, and nation.

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