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Sacrifice is a Responsibility…No One Escapes


📄 Ever since Adam and Eve, God, throughout the whole Old Testament, has called man to provide animal sacrifices to atone for his sins.  When the Lord sent his son Jesus to die for the sins of the world, He changed the game of life.  Yet, I believe every one of us lives and dies as a sacrifice for those who come after us, while we have stood on the backs of our parents, leaders, and fellowman.  

Everyone who dies, young or old, leaves a mark or sends a message to the rest of us to avoid a mistake, find an answer or cure, being faithful through adversity, being a role model, making a change, or conducting research to make a better world.  Jesus paid the greatest price and faced a humiliation that few of us will ever have to face.  If a business owner is struggling, he or she is in the midst of a sacrifice.  

Our mission in life and business is to ...

  1. Be willing to sacrifice ourselves for our greater purpose.
  2. Welcome a chance to sacrifice for our neighbors, our customers, and employees.
  3. Be obedient in our sacrifice to serve God’s greater calling in us, just like Jesus did. He died for all of us to receive the Grace and Freedom to change our world.  He is our role model.  
  4. Remember that everyone dies as a sacrifice for our children, our legacy, and the ways the Lord used what we accomplished or way in which we died.  We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

“Christianity that costs nothing is worth nothing.”  Pastor Ricky Roberts

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