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Inspiring stories from Visionaries

📄 Howard Schultz and Starbucks have built their success on Howard's vision from his trip to Milan, Italy.  It's his enthusiasm and commitment to them that is contagious and inspires his employees to be both friendly and motivated. Herb Kelleher, founder and former CEO of Southwest, was intense, humorous, and genuine in sharing the spirit of his vision with his people. Sam Walton was a great showman who lifted the spirit of his people every time he visited a store.

Clark Johnson, former CEO who had a tremendous impact on the growth of Pier One Imports, claimed that he loved to share the vision of Pier One as he talked with employees. He said that sharing the mission with his people was like Vitamin C, "Because it dissipates in the system; people can't get too much of it." He ingrained in them to love customer complaints because that's how they learned to do better in serving them.

On our way to success, the crux of the journey is to give back to others like God gave to us. Visionaries' missions are to live on and to be a legacy. But what kind of legacy are you leaving? What seeds are you sowing? Better yet, are you sowing with God's seeds?

In church, you hear people use the expression that they are going to sow into a certain ministry with their time or treasures. It works the same in business. After all, every business is a ministry and every ministry a business. In the scriptures, it says our words are like sparks of fire that can corrupt, burn, and spread like never-ending flames of destruction. At the same time, our words can produce new growth of enthusiasm, positive energy and commitment to bear new fruit.

God spoke the world into existence and gave us the power of the tongue for good.

It all comes back to the power of your words. Are you a giver or a taker? Do you establish a culture of enthusiasm where the spiritual seed of God can flourish? The purpose of a business is not to make a profit but to serve the needs of others in an environment where they can grow and minister to one another.

Evil wins when that does not happen and success withers like a dying plant. (Reference Dr. Caroline Leaf - Renewing my mind.) Too many leaders speak encouragement to people's faces, yet ridicule them behind their backs. Our mission is to encourage and speak the best into people in order to accomplish our calling.

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