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Was the Starbucks Vision seen in Italy?


📄 In 1981, Howard Schultz was general manager of a Swedish kitchen housewares business in New York. He noticed that a small company in Seattle by the name of Starbucks was ordering more coffeemakers than Macy's department store. Howard was intrigued and decided to pay them a visit. At the time, Starbucks had three partners and saw themselves only as coffee importers and roasters. They told Howard "We don't manage the business to maximize anything other than the quality of the coffee."

Howard just knew in his heart (seed faith) that he wanted to work in their business and finally convinced them to hire him as director of marketing. He had a burning desire in his heart to accomplish something big. While the partners appreciated Howard's enthusiasm, they had many excuses for not taking the marketing risks he suggested. But within a year, they sent Howard off to a kitchen housewares trade show in Milan, Italy.

While there, he could not help but notice many local coffee shops and how friendly, engaging, and romantic the atmosphere with people who loved coffee. Howard said he saw a vision in Italy for coffee shops all over the United States and beyond. But again, the partners were too busy, too entrenched, and too conservative to take a risk on his ideas. Still, they finally let him experiment in one corner of one of there three stores.

With good and consistent results, they still balked at Howard's dreams. Finally, Howard decided to leave and try some shops on his own. Yet one partner, Jerry Baldwin, invested with him in his first store. Howard raised capital and started Il Giornale as an authentic Italian coffee shop. Three stores later, the Starbuck partners decided to sell Starbucks coffee brewing business and name. Howard's board agreed that they needed to buy Starbucks as a long-term growth strategy.

So here's the point to these incredible stories: Both the McDonald brothers and the Starbucks partners had beaten down hearts and were reluctant to take a new risk. Some would say those were incredibly big mistakes or missed opportunities. Was the Lord sending them signals or were they not called to be the operators of their original callings?

Reference "The Untold Secret that Creates True Wealth." by Brig Hart and John Beehner



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